[Download Link] But She Is My Student Ebook

Author: Kiki Archer
Publisher: Kiki Archer Books
Published Date: 2012-3-1
Size: 23002 Kb
Description: Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and very well qualified; that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom. Kat’s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerising green eyes would reappear here?

Great lesbian chick lit.

A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Birchill.

But She Is My Student follows the journey of Miss Katherine Spicer in her first year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School. She is a gorgeous, intelligent young woman hailed as a fantastic teacher whose two best friends have to keep her spirit alive when she is faced with an impossible situation. How was she to know the woman she kissed would turn up in her A Level History class?

The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the reader back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.
Great lesbian chick lit.

But She Is My Student will make you laugh out loud and have you crying out for the fairytale ending.

A really fantastic lesbian novel that will also appeal to the avid chick lit reader.
Label: Student
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