[Download Link] Résumé with Monsters Ebook

Author: William Browning Spencer
Publisher: White Wolf Games Studio
ISBN: 1565049136 - 9781565049130
Published Date: 1996-4-1
Size: 18516 Kb
Description: Philip Kenan is battling a series of bad jobs -and the monsters from H.P. Lovecraft's fiction go with him.

Philip's first confrontation with the monsters set in motion a bizarre chain of events that finally sent his girlfriend Amelia packing. Now the battle rages from the dank, cramped sweatshop of Philip's former place of employment, Ralph's One Day Résumés, to the gleaming, deadly corridors of corporate giant Pelidyne. Can he save Amelia this time, or will the monsters triumph and consign all humanity to an existence of grim servitude?
Label: Monsters with
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