[Download Link] Requirements Engineering: A Good Practice Guide Ebook

Author: Ian Sommerville
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471974447 - 9780471974444
Published Date: 1997-5-5
Size: 26142 Kb
Description: "A marvellous book...a unique focus on what practicing engineers need to know." - Watts Humphrey, Software Engineering Institute. This book presents a set of guidelines which reflect the best practice in requirements engineering. Based on the authors' experience in research and in software and systems development, these guidelines explain in an easy=to-understand way how you can improve your requirements engineering processes. The guidelines are appliable for any type of application and apply to both systems and software engineering. The guidelines presented in the book are consistent with ISO 9000 and CMM, are ranked with cost/benefit analysis, give implementation advice, can be combined and applied to suit your organization's needs, and are supported by a web page pointing to RE toools and resources.
Label: Engineering Good Guide Practice
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