Ebooks from category "student - Page 16"

Title:Connecting with Students
Author: Allen N. Mendler
Rating: 3.91/5
Published Date: 2001
Title:Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator
Author: Dave Burgess
Rating: 4.05/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:Physical Chemistry Student Solutions Manual
Author: Robert G. Mortimer
Rating: 4.14/5
Published Date: 2000
Title:Edexcel Igcse Chemistry Student Book
Author: Jim Clark
Rating: 4.13/5
Published Date: 2009
Title:Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life
Author: Peter Gray
Rating: 4.31/5
Published Date: 2013
Title:The Media Student's Book
Author: Gill Branston
Rating: 3.52/5
Published Date: 1996
Title:The Student Pilot's Flight Manual
Author: William K. Kershner
Rating: 4.11/5
Published Date: 1990
Title:Student Solutions Manual for Use with Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Author: J. Susan Milton
Rating: 3.91/5
Published Date: 2002
Title:Physics, Student Solutions Manual
Author: John D. Cutnell
Rating: 3.75/5
Published Date: 1997
Title:The New Testament: A Student's Introduction
Author: Stephen L. Harris
Rating: 3.71/5
Published Date: 1988
Title:The Starving Students' Cookbook
Author: Dede Hall
Rating: 3.28/5
Published Date: 2002
Title:Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding
Author: Jay McTighe
Rating: 4.10/5
Published Date: 2013
Title:IELTS Masterclass: Student's Book
Author: Simon Haines
Rating: 4.29/5
Published Date: 1997
Title:Complete PET: Student's Book
Author: Emma Heyderman
Rating: 4.45/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:Non Campus Mentis: World History According to College Students
Author: Anders Henriksson
Rating: 3.84/5
Published Date: 2001
Title:Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day
Author: Aaron Sams
Rating: 3.96/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:Database Concepts And Systems For Students
Author: Ivan Bayross
Rating: 3.89/5
Published Date: 2009
Title:Glencoe Health, Student Edition
Author: Don Merki
Rating: 3.57/5
Published Date: 1998
Title:Love Story of a CA Student
Author: Ca Abhay K Hirawat
Rating: 4.39/5
Published Date: 2013
Title:The Starving Students' Vegetarian Cookbook
Author: Dede Hall
Rating: 3.68/5
Published Date: 2001