Ebooks from category "navy - Page 14"

Title:US Navy
Author: Susan E Hamen
Rating: 3.00/5
Published Date: 2014
Title:Navy Seals
Author: Jack Montana
Rating: 5.00/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:The Royal Navy Officer's Pocket-Book
Author: Brian Lavery
Rating: 4.04/5
Published Date: 2007
Title:The U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Nutrition
Author: Patricia A. Deuster
Rating: 3.47/5
Published Date: 1992
Title:Pregnant to the Navy Seal
Author: Lisa Cartwright
Rating: 3.67/5
Published Date: 2015
Title:Navy Officer to Family Man
Author: Emily Forbes
Rating: 2.89/5
Published Date: 2011
Title:Navy Justice (Whidbey Island #5)
Author: Geri Krotow
Rating: 4.00/5
Published Date: 2015
Title:Trident K9 Warriors: My Tale from the Training Ground to the Battlefield with Elite Navy SEAL Canines
Author: Mike Ritland
Rating: 3.87/5
Published Date: 2013
Title:The French Navy and the Seven Years' War
Author: Jonathan R. Dull
Rating: 4.05/5
Published Date: 1975
Title:Empire of the Deep: The Rise and Fall of the British Navy
Author: Ben Wilson
Rating: 4.43/5
Published Date: 2013
Title:The Confederate Navy: A Pictorial History
Author: Philip Van Doren Stern
Rating: 4.10/5
Published Date: 1962
Title:My Navy Man
Author: Riley Moreno
Rating: 4.00/5
Published Date:
Title:Navy SEAL's Baby
Author: Angel Falls
Rating: 2.50/5
Published Date:
Title:Rescued (Navy SEALS Romance, #1)
Author: Rachel Hanna
Rating: 3.55/5
Published Date: 2016
Title:SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL's Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster
Author: Cade Courtley
Rating: 3.87/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:The U.S. Navy Seal Guide to Fitness and Nutrition
Author: Patricia A. Deuster
Rating: 3.85/5
Published Date: 2007
Title:At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy
Author: Robert J. Bulkley
Rating: 3.78/5
Published Date: 1962
Title:Josiah Trenchard and the Might of Fortitude (Space Navy #1)
Author: Jonathon Fletcher
Rating: 3.80/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:The United States Navy: 200 Years
Author: Edward L. Beach
Rating: 4.62/5
Published Date: 1986
Title:Ships of Oak, Guns of Iron: The War of 1812 and the Forging of the American Navy
Author: Ronald Utt
Rating: 4.19/5
Published Date: 2012