Ebooks from category "forensic - Page 15"

Title:Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation of Documents
Author: Joe Nickell
Rating: 4.14/5
Published Date: 1996
Title:Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living from a Forensic Pathologist
Author: Janis Amatuzio
Rating: 3.94/5
Published Date: 2002
Author: Soren Blau
Rating: 4.33/5
Published Date: 2008
Title:Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine
Author: Wilton Marion Krogman
Rating: 4.60/5
Published Date: 1962
Title:Practical Mobile Forensics
Author: Satish Bommisetty
Rating: 4.15/5
Published Date: 2014
Title:The Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Author: Michael W. Warren
Rating: 3.25/5
Published Date: 2007
Title:Chocolate Diamonds (Jill Quint, MD, Forensic Pathologist #2)
Author: Alec Peche
Rating: 3.80/5
Published Date: 2014
Title:Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems: Digital Forensics Field Guides
Author: Cameron H. Malin
Rating: 4.11/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:Virtualization And Forensics: A Digital Forensic Investigator's Guide To Virtual Environments
Author: Diane Barrett
Rating: 3.00/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:Forensic Osteology: Advances in the Identification of Human Remains
Author: Kathleen J. Reichs
Rating: 4.11/5
Published Date: 1986
Title:Detective Fiction and the Rise of Forensic Science
Author: Ronald R. Thomas
Rating: 4.00/5
Published Date: 2000
Title:Forensic Social Work
Author: Robert L. Barker
Rating: 4.00/5
Published Date: 1993
Title:Encyclopedia Of Forensic Sciences
Author: Jay B. Siegel
Rating: 4.67/5
Published Date: 2000
Title:Abnormal Clinical & Forensic Psychology
Author: David A. Holmes
Rating: 4.29/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis
Author: Norah Rudin
Rating: 3.80/5
Published Date: 2001
Title:Manual Of Forensic Odontology
Author: Gary Bell
Rating: 5.00/5
Published Date:
Title:A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation
Author: Thomas W. Golden
Rating: 4.29/5
Published Date: 2005
Title:Forensic Aspects of Sleep
Author: Colin M. Shapiro
Rating: 0.0/5
Published Date: 1997
Title:Forensic Nursing Science
Author: Virginia A. Lynch
Rating: 3.82/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:FBI Handbook of Forensic Science
Author: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Rating: 3.86/5
Published Date: 1975