Ebooks from category "college - Page 9"

Title:Student Development in College: Theory, Research, and Practice
Author: Nancy J. Evans
Rating: 3.93/5
Published Date: 1998
Title:Best Colleges 2016
Author: U.S. News and World Report
Rating: 4.00/5
Published Date: 2015
Title:Three and Out: Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines in the Crucible of College Football
Author: John U. Bacon
Rating: 4.14/5
Published Date: 2011
Title:99 Motivators for College Success
Author: Perry Binder
Rating: 4.56/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:College Algebra
Author: James Stewart
Rating: 2.83/5
Published Date: 1992
Title:Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity
Author: Ken Armstrong
Rating: 4.07/5
Published Date: 2010
Title:Diva and the Frat Boy (Men of Holsum College, #2)
Author: Daisy Harris
Rating: 3.38/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step
Author: Robin Mamlet
Rating: 4.19/5
Published Date: 2011
Title:How to Be a Person: The Stranger's Guide to College, Sex, Intoxicants, Tacos, and Life Itself
Author: Lindy West
Rating: 3.41/5
Published Date: 2012
Title:College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex Kittens, and Co-eds, Then and Now
Author: Lynn Peril
Rating: 3.79/5
Published Date: 2006
Title:College Algebra
Author: Raymond A. Barnett
Rating: 2.50/5
Published Date: 1976
Title:College Algebra
Author: Paul K. Rees
Rating: 4.18/5
Published Date:
Title:Challenge And Thrill Of Pre College Mathematics
Author: V. Krishnamurthy
Rating: 4.39/5
Published Date:
Title:Uncovering Ray (Ellery College, #1)
Author: Edie Danford
Rating: 3.56/5
Published Date: 2015
Title:College Algebra
Author: Robert Blitzer
Rating: 3.25/5
Published Date: 1997
Title:How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country's Top Students
Author: Cal Newport
Rating: 4.05/5
Published Date: 2005
Title:Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want
Author: Jenny Blake
Rating: 3.84/5
Published Date: 2011
Title:Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary
Author: John Traupman
Rating: 4.02/5
Published Date: 1983
Title:A People's History of the United States: A Lecture at Reed College
Author: Howard Zinn
Rating: 4.07/5
Published Date: 1980
Title:Elementary Algebra for College Students
Author: Allen R. Angel
Rating: 3.44/5
Published Date: 1984