Author Info: Jillian Watts

Gender: female
Hometown: Winnipeg
About: Jillian Watts is terrible at writing bios. She once heard that it's proper to write them in third person, so that's what she'll attempt to do here. She can't promise that it will sound "proper" though.
Jillian loves to read, write, do art, and play video games, among other (see: non-relevant writing) things.
Her writing has been included in two short story anthologies, and "Become" is her debut novel. Jillian is currently working on "Soulbinder," the sequel to Become.
Jillian fears that she got into writing because she's (not so) secretly obsessed with books; if you put it in front of her, chances are really good that she'll read it.
Oh! She also likes tea. Massive, copious, amounts of tea. Is that relevant?

SOME OF Jillian Watts WORKS:

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