Author Info: James L. Craig

Gender: male
Hometown: Jamie's World
About: So have you ever been to a party and saw the quirky kid who everybody likes? You know the guy who pretends he has a drink in his hand acting like he's drunk but when you taste the drink you find out that it's Kool-Aid. Well... that's James. The guy who says he's going home to watch the Auburn vs Alabama game, but really goes home to watch Grey's Anatomy. The guy who foolishly calls himself King James before falling into the fruit section at Wal-Mart. Well he is the guy who can laugh about anything. This adorkable creature writes to share his life, his dreams, and his obsession with japanese folklore. He is a graduate student (who the hell gave this guy a degree) and he tutors and writes in his free time. He enjoys 90's cartoons, fighting games, and he has recently discovered an amazing formula for happiness. It goes by the name nutella. He hopes to one day write a bestseller and build a time machine.

-James L. Craig

SOME OF James L. Craig WORKS:

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