Author Info: Linda Berdoll

Gender: female
About: NUMBER 4 - The Darcys: New Pleasures

With the success of her latest Pride & Prejudice sequel, The Ruling Passion, Linda has just completed a continuation of their story in The Darcys: New Pleasures:

Even twenty years into their future, Mr. Darcy remains every woman’s ideal. Still darkly handsome, he is a gentleman of vast wealth and exceptional leg. His virility, whilst of considerable note, is not what invites adoration. His true allure is his all-encompassing love for his wife. Indeed, Elizabeth and Darcy’s passion for each other remains steadfast.

There is but one test that stands in the way of the Darcys’ boundless happiness in this latest telling. It is an ordeal familiar to parents through the ages. Their offspring have come of age and are eager to pursue their own love affairs.

Moreover, Elizabeth Darcy, the Mistress of Pemberley, has been overtaken by a peculiar malaise. Her disorder has the entire family in a state of agitation. Darcy is particularly uneasy. Hence, when he learns that his son engaged in a flirtation with a village wench, he reproves him a tad too vehemently.

His pride injured, Geoff flings himself headlong down Calamity Road–in the company of George Wickham’s son.


In Ms. Berdoll's wildly successful Pride & Prejudice sequels, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, Darcy & Elizabeth, and the Ruling Passion, have over 400,000 copies in print. The Ruling Passion has been given the Independent Publisher's Gold Award 2012 for Historical fiction. Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife (2004) won FOREWORD MAGAZINE BOOK OF THE YEAR Silver Award, and Darcy & Elizabeth, winner of INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER’S BOOK AWARDS - 1st Place HISTORICAL FICTION 2007.

New Pleasures is now available in soft cover on Linda's website www.lindaberdoll.us, in digital and paperback on Amazon and BN.com. Her books are on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and available to order through bookstores large and small.

Review for The Ruling Passion From Austenprose.com
Best-selling author Linda Berdoll's Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife and Darcy & Elizabeth have been hailed as "sexy, hilarious, poignant" and "wild, bawdy and utterly enjoyable (Booklist.)" The Ruling Passion, her highly anticipated sequel to the sequels, has finally come to fruition... If your sensibilities are offended by explicit, passionate love scenes with Jane Austen's original namesakes, this is presumably NOT the book for you. However, those who delight in reading about the Darcys beyond Pride and Prejudice, including all their complexities, and intimacies, (in and around the bedroom), and most particularly if you are a fan of Berdoll's previous works, The Ruling Passion is not to be missed! Yes, hold on to your bonnets as Linda Berdoll has quite done it again. Christina Boyd 4.5 of 5 stars

In a change of pace from her Jane Austen sequels, Linda released Fandango in 2010. This tale takes place in 19th C. San Francisco. In this entirely original work, our heroine, young Annabella Chase comes to learn that it's one thing to go asking for trouble, quite another to offer it a chair.

While researching her Pride & Prejudice sequels, she collected a vast store of euphemistic grandiloquence and wove it into a small gift book titled Very Nice Ways to Say Very Bad Things.

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