Author Info: Draegon Grey

Gender: male
Hometown: Washington DC
About: A visually creative writer of fantasy and action/adventure novellas. I enjoy writing, bringing readers into my world giving them a pause from the realities of their real world. All my works successfully accomplish this.

A co-sponsor with the Dallas Public Library here in Texas of a new program; "I Made It Author Marketing Success Program. Authors have the opportunity to get their manuscripts in the "Collections Department" of the Dallas Public Library. Other resources include Workshops and Library readings.

Visit for more information: (https://draegongrey.com/multimedia-2/...)

As a part of taking the reader on an "experience," I create soundtracks, audio readings, cover changes and videos. Why give the reader one Venue to experience the story when there are many!!

I find reviews helpful as well, which I now do and enjoy. They are on Amazon or on my site.

Additionally it's important to me to "give back" to the writing community. Therefore always supportive of giving feedback, reviews and support to new writes. This includes encouraging the young especially those not as fortunate to read to better themselves and their world.

Check out my site(draegongrey.com) to see my works. Follow me to find out what's coming around the corner.

SOME OF Draegon Grey WORKS:

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