Author Info: Tom Jokinen

Gender: male
About: Tom Jokinen was a veteran radio producer and video-journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., having worked on Morningside, Counterspin with Avi Lewis and Definitely Not the Opera, among many other CBC shows, when he set it all aside in 2006 to be an apprentice undertaker at a family-run funeral home and crematorium in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This drastic vocational change at the age of 44 provided him with an amazing opportunity to explore, first-hand, our culture's relationship with the dead, dying, and left behind. The resulting book, Curtains, documents what he experienced and learned subsequently.

Previously, Jokinen has also worked as a railroad operator and an editorial cartoonist. He spent two years in medical school at the University of Toronto where he notably dissected two human cadavers before dropping out.

The author and his wife currently reside in Ottawa, Ontario.

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