Author Info: J.B. McDonald

Gender: female
About: JB has been writing fiction of some sort or another since she was eight years old, when she started with the highly acclaimed and illustrated, “Bucky the Bronco and his Missing Horseshoe.” Everyone in the McDonald household heard about it. Most even read it. Then they made the fatal mistake of encouraging it, and before anyone quite knew how it happened, JB declared that she was going to spend the rest of her life writing.

She wrote online for a stretch and warped a good many people. They sent heartfelt thanks and, on occasion, gift baskets. Sometimes they even brought her cheese sauce and wine. They were less appreciative of the gift of the world’s worst porn, which, thankfully, has gone by the wayside.

JB is possessed of a sense of humor that just will not quit, despite how many stick beatings it’s been through. She also has a cheerfully evil laugh that brings terror to many young hearts. She sadly lacks in cooking skills, which is why the gift baskets and cheese sauce are so important. Instead of cooking, or doing anything as time-consuming as eating regularly, she devotes all her time to writing so that she can inflict more horror—that is, fiction—on you, her hopefully devoted fans.

JB can be reached at jenna.b.mcdonald@gmail.com, jbmcdragon@gmail.com, or at http://jennabreen.livejournal.com. You can also try her website at www.jbmcdonald.com, where she posts snippets and pictures and the occasional contest.


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