Author Info: Kay Kadinger

About: Kay Kadinger - The Pen Name

Why the pen name? I usually write in the category of Young Adults and one of my jobs as an author is to speak at schools. I wrestled with whether or not to use a pen name or just let my work be my work, but out of respect for my younger audience (and their parents) I have decided to use a pen name to make it clear the different genres. Just so we're all on the same page, Kay will write about adult topics and have adult scenes within her stories.

Kelly Van Hull, which is my other name will write Young Adult fiction and promises to keep it clean, mostly.

In a perfect world, I will find an audience that will enjoy both, but for now, I'm really ecstatic to share with you Spectrum, which is most certainly not for the younger reader.


Kelly Van Hull
Author of Tent City and Red River

SOME OF Kay Kadinger WORKS:

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