Author Info: Morgan Mandel

Gender: female
Hometown: Chicago
About: All of Morgan Mandel's books are available at http://amazon.com/author/morganmandel

Morgan Mandel has released a sequel to the humorous romance, HER HANDYMAN. While not giving anything away, let's just say the new romance, called A PERFECT ANGEL, centers around a character who was undeservedly harmed by the events in HER HANDYMAN, and deserved happiness in her own right. Although both books can be read independently of each other, you'll get better enjoyment through reading HER HANDYMAN first, which is the story of Jake, the hardworking handyman who meets a rich, quirky artist,thanks to her crazy dog who threw a toy into the toilet, resulting in bedlam.

In a different vein, Morgan Mandel's thriller, FOREVER YOUNG: BLESSING OR CURSE, depicts a 55 year old widow looking for a measure of happiness by taking a pill to be 24, only to realize getting old isn't the only way to die. A chance discovery about the pill has her fleeing both from the villains and the law.

A sequel, BLESSING OR CURSE, is in the works and will be out soon.

The romantic suspense, KILLER CAREER, is about a lawyer who wants to quit her practice, and finds out her decision could kill her.

Also available is the romantic comedy, GIRL OF MY DREAMS, about the madcap adventures of a straitlaced assistant who enters a reality show with the prize of a billionaire. Unfortunately, the guy she most wants to impress misconstrues her motives, thinking she's a gold digger.

Morgan's debut mystery, TWO WRONGS, is set in Chicago, with many area landmarks, including Marshall Field's before it became Macy's, including the Big Tree in the Walnut Room at Christmastime, ice cream snowmen, DePaul University, Morgan's alma mater, Chase Park, and more.

A girl is murdered. Her brother knows who did it. Or does he? What happens if your mistake sends the wrong person to prison and now he's out and looking for revenge?

SOME OF Morgan Mandel WORKS:

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